La versione natalizia della saga Tesla Wars sviluppato da Pavel Tarabrin, diventa gratis per un periodo limitato di tempo su AppStore.A differenza delle versioni “classiche” di Tesla Wars, nella versione natalizia non difenderemo la torre ma un albero di Natale con i relativi doni che ci sono accanto. Il gioco ch eprima costava 0.79€ adesso è gratis per un periodo limitato di tempo. Di seguito vi riportiamo la descrizione del gioco e alcune immagini:


Tesla Wars Christmas is a festive version of the popular tactical game Tesla Wars, determined for development of strategic thinking and the response rate. Your mission is to protect your gifts and a Christmas tree in most unbelievable ways. In the game waiting for you Christmas graphics and festive atmosphere, various firecrackers and fireworks, a huge number of levels, a wide variety of invaders in the funny red caps and no blood! For defense you must use special attacks that are can improved by using bonuses.

One day Christmas disappeared in Stickland country. For a long time its citizens had hoped that it would go back, but the miracle did not happen. They missed fun, gifts, Christmas turkey and Christmas tree. But they saw that you got everything ready, so they decided to steal the holiday!

Watch out! Tesla Wars Christmas is too addictive, so do not miss real Christmas!

Rescue of Christmas is on the tips of your fingers!

You will get:
• Unique playing world with funny Christmas atmosphere
• Exciting gameplay with a huge number of levels
• Individual combat tactics for each invader type
• Different upgradable Special Attacks
• Achievements and Leaderboards support
• Facebook and Twitter integration

Come al solito è possibile scaricare l’app gratuitamente utilizzando il link qui sotto:

[app 487619254]